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Quality cabinet refinishing can completely rejuvenate the surface of your existing kitchen or bathroom. At Stylux Painting, we know what quality cabinet staining can do for cabinets with tired wood surfaces. It’s a subtle change that comes with plenty of benefits. Showcasing such a brand-new look adds home value that won’t go unnoticed by potential home buyers. Compared to replacing cabinets, homeowners can save thousands of dollars while achieving the desired update. Plus, choosing to refinish your cabinet is a more eco-friendly option. Refinishing by using your existing cabinets and not sending them to a landfill can reduce the carbon footprint. On top of that, it’s a fast and affordable process that gives a fresh appearance.  From our years of experience and expertise, our professional painters are known for specializing in refinishing wood surfaces of all kinds. Have your cabinets exuding luxury and style from Stylux Painting for the best cabinet refinishing in Calgary

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cabinet refacing calgary
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At Stylux Painting, we ensure proper prep work by using the right materials and cabinet painting techniques. Poor paint jobs typically lack knowledge and craftsmanship by commonly using incorrect paints. That causes colours to break down quickly in certain ways from friction and oils from daily usage. For a long-lasting quality finish, have Stylux to get it done right!

You can spot peeling & flaking since it’s coming off your cabinet’s surface. Dirty walls, excess moisture, improper prep work, or latex paint can cause it. Stylux prevents this with proper preparation to help keep paint adhesion strong.

Seeing colour fading is an obvious sign. Direct sunlight, harsh weather, & extreme temperature, added to low-quality paint, all contribute to this. That’s why Stylux only uses premium paint brands to give your cabinets that fully restored look.

Bubbles from your cabinet’s surface are quite unsightly. It occurs from excess moisture on the painted surface. With Stylux, we take our time with our prep work to prevent this & provide a perfect, smooth finish.

What We Offer

A proper paint job is our priority at Stylux Painting. For years, we’ve succeeded with all our painting projects by being meticulous with our cabinet refinishing process. We uphold this standard of excellence by going above and beyond in smoothing, priming, and, notably, staining – our specialty makes us the best kitchen cabinet stainers in Calgary.


Smooth Sanding

Sanding is necessary before painting. At Stylux Painting, we ensure cabinets are sanded out until they’re a nice, even surface. It helps the paint go on smoothly and guarantees a quality finish.


Proper Priming

Proper priming is essential in cabinet refinishing. In our experience, using the right premium materials help ensure superior adhesion between the top coat & the surface being painted. In turn, it helps keep consistent quality all around.


Stellar Staining

Stylux Painting is known for kitchen cabinet staining. Whether you want a light or dark stained finish, we’ll highlight the wood’s grain & texture to ensure your cabinets look fresh and fit your kitchen or bathroom’s aesthetic.

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Are your cabinets looking dull? Have them look brand-new with Stylux Painting! We’re here to help bring appeal with a splash of colour and much more with our painting services. Whether you need refinishing to cabinet refacing in Calgary, we can ensure it’s done with luxury and style. Achieve the look you want with the best kitchen cabinet refinishing company – Stylux Painting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a cabinet is refaced, the previous cabinets are removed & replaced with new ones. In cabinet refinishing, the cabinets are sanded down and refinished with new stain, paint, or lacquer to make them look new.

Notably, cabinet refinishing is more cost-effective since it doesn’t require purchasing new cabinets compared to refacing. Contact us to see which option is best for you with our no-charge estimates.

If you’re looking for a more environmentally-friendly approach – refinishing is the best option. Unlike refacing, you won’t need to throw out your cabinets and still get the look you desire from your existing cabinets.

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