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A great first impression and protection are the key benefits of getting professional exterior painting in Calgary. A fresh coat of paint can drastically transform your house or commercial space by improving its look and increasing its value. For homeowners, it can mean attracting more home buyers. Meanwhile, commercial exterior painting for retail stores can help catch the eye of more customers. Beyond elevating your curb appeal, it can also provide added protection from the elements. During Calgary’s heavy snowfalls, moisture damage is too common, creating wood rot, mold, and other damage. With exterior paint, you can prevent that as it acts as a barrier against water and helps extend the lifespan of your property. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to maintain your property and increase its value for years. At Stylux Painting, our exterior painters can assist you in keeping your exterior’s beauty, longevity, and marketability.

Better Curb

Extend Your
Home’s Lifespan

Increase Your
Home’s Value

Protect Your Home
Against the Elements

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Our Exterior House Painting Services

At Stylux Painting, our exterior house painting services promise to deliver a stylish, elegant finish to your home’s exterior. From our years of experience with residential painting, we have painted various home surfaces. From providing vinyl siding painters to stucco painting, we can handle whatever home exterior with expertise and finesse.



Painting vinyl siding requires good materials & the right colours. We recommend using lighter colours to help prevent overheating in your home. In tandem with vinyl-safe exterior paint, we're sure to produce the best result.



Painting stucco has its challenges - namely, prep work. We know it's important to patch any cracks before painting over stucco. Our dedication to proper preparation ensures a quality paint finish for your stucco.

Metal, Wood,
& Brick Painting

Metal, Wood,
& Brick Painting

Wood is easy to paint. Brick can get tricky, while metal is different from painting other surfaces. With the right materials & our expertise, we make a quality paint finish look easy no matter the surface!

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Attract New Customers With Commercial Exterior Painting

Any commercial building can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. With the right colours and expertise, exterior paint can create appeal and maintain the structural integrity of your commercial space. Whatever you hope to achieve, there is no exterior commercial painting job too big or small for us!

Make a Great
First Impression

Your exterior can say a lot about you. Give the best impression to anyone who walks in with a fresh coat of paint. After all, a good impression can go a long way!

Helps Protect
Your Property

Your exterior can get worn out after so many years. It leaves them vulnerable to damage from the elements & possible infestation. With a solid paint job, you can ensure protection & aesthetic appeal.

Uphold Regulatory
Building Standards

All buildings have certain regulatory standards to uphold. With Stylux, you can rest assured we will not only deliver a quality paint job but also do so safely with your health in mind.

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Give your home or commercial space a makeover with Stylux Painting. Our professional painters have the experience to paint any material surface with finesse. We’ll work with you to ensure a smooth painting process that ensures quality results. Achieve style and luxury with the best exterior commercials painters and exceptional exterior house painting in Calgary!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every exterior painting project varies in scope. With our consultation, we can provide you with accurate estimates – all for no charge!

Stylux Painting provides premium painting brands – Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore. When painting any exterior, we ensure the paint we use is compatible with the material surface to provide the best finish.

Yes, it does! At Stylux, we stand behind our products and workmanship with our one-year Craftsmanship Warranty.

The timing varies based on square footage. For instance, we’ve taken two weeks for a 3500 sq ft house, but it may take longer for a big commercial building.

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