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commercial painting companies calgary
commercial painting companies calgary

Quality Commercial
Painting in Calgary

Quality commercial painting in Calgary delivers not only a great impression – but also protection. Painting protects a commercial building in various ways. Not only does it protect your business structure and investments, but also your employees, clients, and your interests. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference for any commercial establishment. It can range from attracting more business prospects, boosting your employees’ moods, and keeping a space fresh and healthy. At Stylux, we’ve seen how our work has transformed commercial spaces for the better firsthand. From restaurants and retail stores to offices and warehouses, Stylux has seen them flourish by simply providing a quality paint finish they love that reflects their innate value for others to see. Keep your business looking dashing from the inside and outside today with the leading commercial painting company in Calgary, Stylux Painting!

Commercial Painting
Services You Can Rely On

Makes A Great
First Impression

Brings New Life
Into A Space

Extends Building’s

Property Value

Increases Business Visibility

A Luxurious Touch to Commercial
Interior Painting

Never underestimate the power of paint. At Stylux, our commercial painting contractors provide you with a thorough colour consultation to achieve the look and feel you want for your space. With our quality commercial interior painting, you can find the right hue to improve relaxation, productivity, aesthetics, and mood greatly.

Nothing helps boost business more than a fresh coat of paint. We’ve helped local businesses like small coffee shops & boutiques stand out. With Stylux-level painting, customers will marvel at your space’s interior.

From our experience painting, we know how certain colour aesthetics can greatly improve workspaces. Whether it be retail stores & offices, our detailed colour consultation can help improve employees’ productivity & mood.

No commercial painting job is too big. Stylux has plenty of experience painting commercial spaces as big as industrial factories & warehouses. With our good health & safety record, you can expect high standards of excellence.

commercial painting companies calgary
commercial painting services
commercial painting services

Make An Impression With
a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

Our commercial painting services not only make your building look good inside. With our talented team of commercial exterior painters, we can bring style and luxury to any commercial building’s exterior. No matter how big or small, you can guarantee a quality paint finish every time with Stylux Painting!


Stucco Painting

Painting stucco is tricky. We know painting stucco usually requires more paint & takes longer to dry. With our proper prep work, you can ensure a quality paint job for your stucco!
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Brick & Wood

Brick & Wood Painting

Unlike wood, brick is harder to paint for most folks. With our professional painters' expertise, we provide exceptional work while leaving no damage to its surface. The same finesse in painting wood easily extends to brick too!
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All Metals

All Metals

Stylux knows painting metal is different from painting other surfaces. It's prone to not sticking well if done wrong. That's why we use the right painting materials to keep it looking good for a long time.
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Luxury Finishes Unlike Other Calgary Commercial Painting Companies

See Why Others Go For The Stylux Experience

No Paint Job Too Big For Our
Commercial Painting Contractors

You deserve a stylish, luxurious paint finish to your commercial building’s interior and exterior. Working with us, we ensure minimal inconvenience during the painting process while getting the job done right. Whether renovating or repainting your commercial building, we promise our painter can do so quickly, precisely, and excellently at a reasonable price. Work with one of the top commercial painting companies in Calgary. 

Proper Paint

An Honest

Quality Work For
A Fair Price

1 Year Craftsmanship
Warranty Guarantee

No Commercial Painting
Job Too Big or Small

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial spaces vary in size, making the price vary too. Get an accurate idea of cost by consulting with us on estimates – free of charge!

We will work with you to find a solution that prioritizes your schedule, minimizes inconvenience, & safety while still providing high-quality commercial painting services.

We understand health & safety is standard from our experience in painting various commercial spaces. We not only adhere to the regulations to certain buildings, but also use low-VOC painting products to reduce off-gassing.

From offices,retail stores, restaurants, to industrial warehouses – we can paint any commercial space, no matter what size!

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