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The Best Time to Get Exterior Painting in Calgary

Timing is key if you want to paint your home’s exterior. Choosing the right season to paint can make all the difference in the finished product’s quality and the paint job’s longevity. Find out from painting professionals the best time to get exterior painting in Calgary done so that you can make an informed decision before reaching out to a painting company in Calgary


Summer: The Ideal Time for Exterior Painting in Calgary

Without a doubt, summer is generally considered the best time for exterior painting in Calgary. The warm, dry weather allows the paint to dry quickly and properly, which is crucial for a long-lasting finish. Additionally, summer temperatures are consistent, which helps ensure that the paint dries evenly. That being said, it’s important to avoid painting on extremely hot days (above 30°C) or during periods of high humidity. Excessive heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly, leading to cracking and peeling. High humidity can prevent the paint from drying properly, resulting in a poor finish.


Fall: A Good Alternative to Summer Painting

If you missed your opportunity to paint during the summer, fall could also be a good time to paint your home’s exterior. The cooler temperatures and lower humidity make for ideal painting conditions. Plus, the weather tends to be more stable in the fall than in the spring, which can help ensure that the paint dries evenly. That being said, avoiding painting too late into the fall season is important. The paint may not dry properly as temperatures drop, leading to a poor finish. It’s best to finish any exterior painting in the early fall, ideally before the first frost.


Spring: A Tricky Time for Exterior Painting in Calgary

Initially, you might think spring would be another great season to get any exterior painting done. While temperatures are generally mild, the weather can be unpredictable, with the possibility of random snow or hail. It’s important to wait until the weather is consistently dry before starting any exterior painting projects. Additionally, it’s important to avoid painting during windy days in the spring. Wind can blow dust and debris onto the freshly painted surface, ruining the finish. If you decide to paint in the spring, choose a day with light winds and a low chance of snow or hail.


Winter: Not Ideal for Exterior Painting

Winter is generally not ideal for painting a home’s exterior. The cold temperatures can prevent the paint from drying properly, leading to cracking and peeling. Additionally, snow and ice can make it difficult to prepare the surface for painting properly. That being said, some types of paint can be applied in colder temperatures, such as specialized winter paints. However, following the manufacturer’s instructions and ensuring that the surface is properly prepared before painting is important. Alternatively, you can ensure the right paint is used during the winter by hiring a painting company in Calgary, so you don’t need to work up a chill to bring colour to your home’s exterior. 


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