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What Happens When You Use the Wrong Paint?

When painting your home or commercial property, choosing the right paint is essential for achieving a lasting and beautiful finish. Many factors, such as the type of surface, location (interior or exterior), and the intended use for residential or commercial painting in Calgary determine the appropriate paint selection. However, what happens when you use the wrong paint can lead to various issues, from unsightly finishes to structural damage. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner in Calgary, understanding the implications of paint choice is crucial for successful painting projects.


Interior vs. Exterior Painting in Calgary

The surface must be compatible with your paint type regarding interior and exterior painting. Interior and exterior surfaces serve different purposes, which a pain type must be able to fulfill. Here is what happens when a paint type can’t meet the needs of interior and exterior painting standards:


Interior Painting: What is it Good For?

Interior painting is typically done to enhance the aesthetics of living spaces, protect surfaces, and create a desired atmosphere within a home or commercial building. It often involves choosing paint colours, finishes, and techniques that suit homeowners’ interior decor and design preferences.


What Happens to the Interior After Choosing the Wrong Paint?

Applying exterior paint indoors is unnecessary and may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), affecting indoor air quality. Using exterior paint indoors may result in strong odours and potentially harmful VOC emissions. It can also be more challenging to clean and maintain than interior paint.


Exterior Painting: What is it Good For?

The primary purpose of exterior painting is to protect the building’s exterior from weathering, moisture, UV radiation, and other environmental factors. It also contributes to the curb appeal and overall appearance of a property.


What Happens to the Exterior After Choosing the Wrong Paint?

Using interior paint for exterior surfaces can lead to premature paint failure. Interior paint lacks the durability and weather resistance required for outdoor exposure. Exterior elements, such as UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, can cause interior paint to crack, fade, and peel. In turn, it compromises the protection and aesthetics of your property.


Why The Right Application Matters: Latex vs. Oil-Based Paint

Latex and oil-based paints are two common types used for commercial and residential painting in Calgary, each with advantages and ideal applications. Here’s a breakdown of what happens when you use the wrong one on certain painting projects:


What is Oil-Based Paint?

Oil-based or solvent-based paint is a type in which the primary solvent or carrier is an oil-based liquid, such as mineral spirits or turpentine. 


What Happens When You Use Oil-Based Paint On The Wrong Surfaces?

Applying oil-based paint to surfaces that require latex paint can lead to a glossy and difficult-to-maintain finish. Oil-based paint can take longer to dry and emit strong odours. Using it inappropriately indoors can result in an undesirable appearance and difficult cleanup.


What is Latex Paint?

Latex paint, also known as water-based paint, uses water as its primary solvent or carrier instead of oil-based paints that use solvents like mineral spirits or turpentine. Typically, this type of paint is best for:

  • Interior Walls & Ceilings
  • Trim & Molding
  • Doors
  • Children’s Rooms & Nurseries
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Exterior Siding


What Happens When You Use Latex Paint On The Wrong Surfaces?

Using latex paint for surfaces that require oil-based paint can result in poor adhesion and durability. Latex paint may not adhere to certain surfaces, leading to peeling and chipping. It also may not provide the desired finish or protection in high-traffic or moisture-prone areas.



Commercial Painting in Calgary: Understanding the Implications

Regarding commercial painting in Calgary, the biggest factor is whether the paint type you choose is durable and complies with public health and safety. See what are the repercussions when these needs aren’t met with the wrong paint type:  


The Wrong Type For Commercial Painting in Calgary Within High-Traffic Areas

Using standard paint in high-traffic commercial areas can result in frequent repainting and maintenance. High-traffic areas, such as hallways and entryways, require durable, scuff-resistant paint. The wrong choice can lead to more frequent and costly repaints.


Exterior Facades Can Occur From Using the Wrong Paint Type

Applying residential-grade paint to commercial exteriors can lead to premature degradation and a poor corporate image. Commercial properties need paint with superior weather resistance to maintain a professional appearance. Inadequate exterior paint can lead to a rundown look, affecting your business’s image.


Commercial Painting in Calgary: The Wrong Type & Environmental Regulations

Failing to use low-VOC or zero-VOC paint in commercial spaces may result in non-compliance with environmental regulations. Using high-VOC paints can lead to environmental violations and potentially harm indoor air quality, posing health risks to employees and customers.


How the Wrong Paint Can Compromise Safety Requirements

Neglecting fire-resistant or safety-compliant paints in commercial properties may compromise safety standards. Non-compliance with safety regulations can result in penalties and, more importantly, jeopardize the safety of occupants during emergencies.


Construction Projects: The Right Paint for the Job

You might think construction painting is no different from commercial painting in Calgary. However, that’s not the case. With construction painting in Calgary, you must consider how certain paint types can affect new construction and repainting. See what the consequences are when the wrong paint type is used here: 


What is New Construction?

New construction painting refers to applying paint to a newly constructed building or structure’s interior/exterior surfaces. This type of painting is typically performed as one of the final stages of the construction process after all major construction work has been completed.


The Consequences of the Wrong Paint Type on New Construction

Repainting for new construction projects can lead to inadequate protection for fresh surfaces. New construction surfaces require primer and paint specially formulated for proper adhesion and protection. Using the wrong paint can lead to early degradation.


What is Repainting?

Repainting refers to applying a new coat of paint to surfaces that have already been painted. It is a common maintenance and renovation practice used to refresh the appearance of surfaces, protect them from wear and deterioration, and adapt to changing aesthetics or design preferences.


The Repercussions of the Wrong Paint Type on Repainting Jobs

Applying construction-grade paint for repainting jobs may produce a less attractive and shorter-lived finish. Repainting projects require high-quality, long-lasting paint to ensure a professional appearance and durability. Using construction-grade paint may lead to frequent touch-ups and repaints.



Why Choosing the Right Finish Matters

The right painting finish matters because it greatly influences the aesthetics and functionality of a space. A well-chosen finish enhances the room’s ambiance, highlights architectural features, and affects how easy it is to clean and maintain. The final touch defines the overall look and feel of any painted surface. 


See what happens when applying the wrong finish and how it can impact your paint job here:


The Misuse of a Matte Finish

Using matte finish paint in high-traffic areas or areas requiring frequent cleaning can lead to unsightly stains and a challenging cleaning process. Matte finish paints are less stain-resistant and washable than other finishes. Inappropriate use can result in a worn and unattractive appearance.


The Wrong Choice Makes a Gloss Finish Gaudy 

Applying gloss finish paint in areas where a subtle, matte appearance is desired may create a harsh and reflective finish. Glossy surfaces can be visually distracting and may not complement the aesthetics of certain spaces, such as bedrooms or living rooms.


Quality Residential, Construction, & Commercial Painting in Calgary 

Using the wrong paint for your residential, commercial, or construction project can lead to undesirable consequences, from poor aesthetics to structural damage. Choosing the right paint type and partnering with a reputable Calgary painting company that understands your specific needs is crucial to ensure a successful painting project. By making informed paint choices and working with experienced professionals, you can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting finish that enhances your property’s appearance and value.


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