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Live in Style & Luxury With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Your home deserves luxury and style. With our years of experience, we know the value of fresh paint. Due to Calgary’s climate, your home’s exterior is vulnerable to damage from seasonal heat waves, heavy rain, and snow. Peeling and fading exterior occurs and not only diminishes your home’s curb appeal but also compromises its structural integrity. 


With that said, our residential house painters know that making an impression on the outside is only half the story. Interior paint is equally prone to damage from years of kitchen heat and smoke, dust, dirt, mold, and mildew buildup. A home without proper repaint decreases its value and poses potential health risks. An updated paint job will boost your mood and provide a pleasant atmosphere in your home.


Whether it’s protecting your home’s exterior or improving its interior, we bring quality to all painting projects.

For the best residential painting in Calgary, make a great impression inside and outside with Stylux Painting!

Trust the Quality of Stylux

Increase Your
Home’s Value

Protect & Prevent
Damage to Your Home

Ensure the Longevity of
Your Home’s Exterior

Improve Your Home’s
Air Quality

Achieve the Home
Aesthetic of Your Dreams

Our Residential Painting Services

Trust our professional residential painters for outstanding exterior painting and refinishing services and help with interior projects all year round. We provide premium residential painting services by answering your questions honestly, clearly defining your goals, and completing a successful paint job to your satisfaction. Whether you need to refinish kitchen cabinets or fix peeling or cracked exterior paint, the best house painters in Calgary are here to give your home a fresh look today!


Interior Painting

We offer quality & safety when painting homes and offices. We use premium paints & materials that emit no VOCs and are eco-friendly. Along with using the latest painting techniques, your space will look and feel good!
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Exterior Painting

Make a great impression by painting your home's exterior! Our exterior painting services work on various home exteriors, such as vinyl, stucco, metal, wood, & brick. No matter what surface you have, we can paint it!
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Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinet painting is our specialty. Restore, repaint, & refinish your kitchen cabinets to a durable, high standard with Stylux Painting. Fast turnaround coupled with high-quality work exemplifies our expertise & experience.
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Common Residential
Painting Problems

A poor painting process causes many home painting problems. Low-quality residential painting contractors often lack prep work and knowledge, leading to incorrect material selection and poor workmanship. Proper preparation with Stylux ensures a quality paint job!

A dirty wall, excessive moisture, improper prep, or using latex paint over oil paint can all impair paint adhesion & cause peeling. With Stylux, you can avoid this problem entirely from our thorough approach.

Chalking is caused by weathering action, incorrect paints, and too thin or too much paint spread. Colour fades as a result of these factors. Using quality paint & techniques, we can keep paint colours vibrant!

Many people are unaware that oil-based paint can yellow due to oxidation. – notably, exposure to sunlight & ammoniated cleaning products. With our expertise, we can highlight these issues & prevent them by using proper paints.

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Why We Stand Out From
Other Painting Companies

See What Clients Say About The Stylux Experience!

The Stylux Treatment

Is your home in need of a stylish, luxurious finish? Interior painting is our specialty and providing an amazing paint job is our top priority. As a privately owned and family-managed painting contractor, we consistently deliver exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. Receive high-quality work at a reasonable price from the best residential painting company in Calgary!

Flexible on Project Timeline

Honest & Consistent
Progress Updates

No Charge Estimates
& Fair Quotes

1 Year Craftsmanship
Warranty Guarantee

Premium Quality
Paint Materials

Reliable Skilled &
Seasoned Painting Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Painting can get messy. We will work with you to ensure you are away while doing what we do best – painting. You can expect cleanliness, no damage, & a high-quality paint job upon your return!

We aim to understand your needs & assess the project properly from the start. Using our estimating software, we can provide accurate cost estimates that come back in 24 hours – all for free!

Timing varies based on square footage. For example, we’ve taken two weeks for a 3500 sq ft house, while a small bungalow can take one week. For kitchen cabinets, it’s around five days.

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